The objective of this project was to come up with a concept for a product/service that requires both digital and print formats. The digital format required 3 finished screens and a PDF with clear instructions on the functionality of the app, with flow diagrams and interface examples.

DISCDAILY is a music discovery app that acts as a direct response to the streaming industry and its negative impact on young musicians. The user receives a new song every day by young bands. The user has a limit of 3 listens, and is then directly linked to other sites where they can purchase the song or view the artists tour schedule.

Music listening
Direct links to external sites
List of songs given that month
Favourite songs
Subscription to monthly zine

Image of a hand holding an iphone with the app on the screen. Intro slide on presentation. Reads, DiscDaily, with an image of a girl by the pool listening to music. Image of the introduction slide Image of the branding toolkit for the app, showing the fonts, colours, and icons used. Images showing flow chart of the app, from the home screen to the feature screens. Image of flow chart for the app, showing the signup steps. Image of wireframes for screens with explanations of buttons Image of wireframe. Image of final designed screens of the app. Image of final screens in iPhones Image of screen in an iPad Closing slide, reads Discdaily. For the people who care.